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Brother Innovis V3 Embroidery Machine

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Show your embroidery skills with the help of this Brother Innovis V3 embroidery machine that comes with advanced features and a large embroidery area. The machine allows you to create beautiful designs for your collection easily and quickly with 227 built-in designs. Innovis v3 embroidery machine also features 17 lettering styles so you can mark your projects. Brother Innovis V3 designs are absolutely capable for those who want to come up with unique designs and also who want larger designs.


  • Large LCD touchscreen
  • On-screen editing
  • Fast and accurate high-speed embroidery
  • Auto thread tension
  • 7 point feed system
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Pamela S.
Brother innovis v3 embroidery machine

The manual is quite easy to follow so able to use machine reasonably quickly

Joanna N.
Newbie or experienced the perfect machine for you

After using an embroidery machine at a few demos held at Fabric Mouse I became slightly addicted to embroidery. I began to research various embroidery machines offered by Brother finally deciding that the V3 offered a fantastic range of inbuilt designs as well as hoop sizes with the addition of the upgrade increased the range of hoops. I ordered my V3. The easy to read manual as well as DVD with instructions are fab The size of the LCD screen is great to see designs clearly, whether using a built-in design or using a downloaded design by connecting a USB or computer and selecting either option on the home screen. Designs can be stitched out as they are or choosing the editing screen and having the option to move the design around the hoop, resize and adding text to the design all within the editing screen are all easy to follow processes. Changing thread colours is simple and quick to do and should a thread break or bobbin run out the V3 stops and a message is shown on the screen. Thread brands can be selected so you can follow the design or choose your own colour variations and again this is all shown on the LCD screen. So whether you're a newbie looking for an easy to follow embroidery machine or an experienced embroider the Brother V3 has it covered- large selection of built-in designs, options to expand amount of designs with a usb or computer connection, a great selection of hoop sizes even without the upgrade. Its definitely a great addition to my sewing space.

Lynn K.
Review of Brother V3

I bought the Brother V3 as my first embroidery machine and absolutely love it. It is a great machine and can do an extensive range of patterns and designs, I bought the upgrade for it which includes the larger hoops which are definetly worth it and make this machine a great every day embroidery machine. Once you start with embroidery you very soon become addicted to it and start to look at thing are plain and think that would look even better if you add some embroidery to it. I have made bags, done in the hoop designs, made cushion covers, purses and embroidered clothes. You can embroider most things from T towels,clothes bags etc. The built in designs on the machine are very varied and excellent and easy to use. It is an easy process to buy and download designs from the internet to a computer and then to a USB stick to take your sewing to a different level. P E designs is a great way to take your sewing skills to another level, designing your own ideas into projects then stitching them out. I love machine embroidery and love being able to personalise a project and then give it as a gift for family and friends, knowing that they will enjoy them as much as I did making them. It is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby and not weather affected, you can sew no matter what. Embroidery addict , oh yes I am and sew most days

Melanie B.
I love this machine and it’s capabilities

My husband bought me a Brother V3 embroidery machine as a surprise as my old one had finally stopped working. I love this machine and it’s capabilities. It’s easy to operate and sings out to let you know when to change colour or when it’s finished embroidering. It lets you know when the bobbin threads run out and it’s easy to track back a bit if the thread snaps and the machine has stitched a bit with no thread. I use the PE design 10 which meets my needs perfectly. I can draw a picture, scan it onto my computer and turn it into an embroidery easily. Embroideries can easily be adjusted on the machine before stitching out so sizes can be altered and the design can be moved around. I have stitched out free standing lace angels easily. When the Brother educator was at Fabric mouse I was able to get a few queries answered, which helped with me designing my own embroideries. With this being a stand alone embroidery machine I can sit and sew at one of my other machines while it hums away next to me. Hooping up and connecting the embroidery unit is very straightforward and using a memory stick to transfer designs to my machine is great.

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