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Hemline Bobbins for Elna

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The Hemline Bobbins for Elna are the must-have in your sewing kit. These bobbins save time and allow you to perform the sewing task quickly. With these Hemline Bobbins for Elna, you can keep different coloured threads stocked up and use them immediately when required. Made from premium-quality material, these Elna bobbins are durable and re-usable. They are resistant to rust and do not spoil the colour of the threads in the long run. They have a front loading design which makes them convenient to use. With these Bobbins for Elna, you can fill extra thread and keep them handy. They are compatible with all Elna machines.


  • Lets you keep the bobbins handy
  • Made with premium-grade material
  • Rust-resistant
  • Re-usable
  • Front loading design

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