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Janome 3-Way Cording Foot Category A
Janome 3-Way Cording Foot Category A

Janome 3-Way Cording Foot Category A

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The 3-way cording foot will hold one, two or three fine cords or threads. Because they are attached to the foot, the required design can easily be followed and the cords are perfectly placed. A variety of utility, or embroidery stitches can be sewn over the cords to couch them onto base fabrics. The choice of cord, thread and stitch are all contributory factors to the final effect.

How to use the 3 Cord Cording foot

  • Clip your foot on.
  • Set your machine to the zigzag stitch.
  • Thread tension 3-6, stitch length 1.5-4 and the width 1-5.
  • Sew

Janome 3-Way Cording Foot Category A from Janome is Gaurenteed to fit;

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