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Janome Convertible Even Feed Foot Set Category B

Janome Convertible Even Feed Foot Set Category B

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The Janome Convertible Even Feed Foot Set has been upgraded with more features especially with the quilter in mind. This new set includes the main even feed unit with a closed toe, a convertible open toe foot, and two very useful guides. Easy setting.

Guaranteed to fit Elna sewing machine models:
3210, ec30, Elnita ec60, Lotus, Lotus 2, Star Edition, eXperience 450, eXperience 520s, eXperience 530, eXperience 540s, eXperience 550, eXperience 560, eXperience 570, eXplore 150, eXplore 160, eXplore 320, eXplore 340

Janome Convertible Even Feed Foot Set Category B from fabricmouse is Gaurenteed to fit;

Janome Top Load Sewing Machines Cat B
230 DC, 360DC, 521, 525, 525s, 625E, 659, 725s, 740 DC, 780 DC, 2522LE, 4018, 4024, 4035, 4052, 4200QDC, 4618, 4623, 5018, 5024, 5030, 5050, 5060QDC, 5124, 5270QDC, 6019QC, 6125 QC, 6260QC, 7025, 8050XL, 8077, CXL301, DC3050, DC4030, DC4100, DKS30, DKS100, DXL603, GD8100, HD2200, Jem Gold, Jem 660, Jem Gold 2, Jem 661, JLX2000, JP720, JP760, Jubilee85, M50QDC, M100QDC, M200QDC, MC4800, MC4900QC, MC4800, MC5200, MC5900QC, MC6500p, MXL50, MyStyle 22, MyStyle 2522, QXL605, SL30X, TXL607, XC50, XL30, XL601, XR33, XC33

Dunelm top Load Machines
DM300, DM200

John Lewis Top Load Sewing Machines
5024, 5030, 5050, 7025, DC3050, DC6030, DC7100, DEX30, M30A

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