Madeira Thread

Madeira Quilt 'n Sew Threadable Travel Box

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Madeira Quilt 'n Sew Embroidery Thread in Threadable Travel Box. Assorted Colours. 40reels x 400m Aerofil No. 120. 20 reels x 1000m Aerofil No.120. 3 reels x 1000m BMonofil No. 40 Not only does this box contain a beautiful selection of colours, it also serves as a thread rack. Spools are easy to remove and replace in their thread pockets. Also easy to re-order as each thread pocket is labelled with colour name and number. Use the convenient shoulder strap to transport the box to classes etc.. To use the box as a thread rack, stand it on end and place thread through guide and straight to your machine. Complete with shoulder strap. Bonus : FREE CD with 42 designs


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